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Welcome to LUV48's official wiki page. You will find different information about the main group as well as the different sub-groups and units that are contained within LUV48.


LUV48 (short for Love 48 and read as separate letters) is an online based 48G dub project. The group currently houses three teams: Team L, Team U, and Kenkyūchū. Instead of having separate Kenkyuusei and Baito groups, Kenkyūchū serves as both as well as a house for members who are waiting to be placed into a team for any reason. Starting with the addition of the 3rd generation, all members are automatically placed into Kenkyūchū. With the addition of the 4th generation, members were required to go through a trial round of a release to be promoted to a full member. The group also is a harbor for a few sub-units, the first to debut being MIRЯOR in 2014 with others to follow. All members of the LUV48 sub-groups are welcome to be apart of the LUV48 singles whether it is members being apart of a certain song or the group themselves having a song of their own on the single or album.


FDN48 (short for Friday Night 48) is an LUV48 sub-group. Meant to be an SDN48 cover group, they members are all 18 or older. Every member that has joined was asked to do so and was eighteen at the time of debut. Plans of a debut have not yet been spoken of but it has been decided that members will be active within LUV48 while promoting with the group. Because of this, it is classified as it's own group and not a unit. There are no sub-units for the group but remaining members pick up wherever the last left off. The number of members per year depends on members that are interested and of age. It has been determined that there will be 4 generations, each with a total of five 1-song singles.

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April 15, 2016 - LUV48 Team Charts and member lists updated.

April 15, 2016 - LUV48 Members, team pages, & 1st Generation pages created and early 2016 images added.

April 14, 2016 - LUV48 page created & Team Charts added.

April 12, 2016 - New LUV48 wiki created & auditions for LUV48 4th generation are opened.