Tanaka Mako (田中真子)
Makoron (まころん)
TanakaMako 2016
Birth Info
Birthdate September 21, 1989
Current Age 27
Professional Info
Agency Spring Mountain Entertainment
Social Networks TBA
Idol Career Info
Group LUV48
Team Team U
Debuted January 22, 2016

Tanaka Mako is a member of LUV48's Team U.


皆さんの一番好きな食べ物は何ですか?ま•こ•ろん! 甘さ,かわいいさとちょっぴりないたずっぽくさを交ぜれば... 田中真子になる! まころんこと田中真子です.
Minnasan no ichiban suki na tabemono wa nandesuka? MA•KO•RON! Amasa, kawaiisa to choppiri na itazuppokusa wo mazereba... Tanaka Mako ni naru! Makoron koto Tanaka Mako desu.
(What's everyone's favorite food? MA•KO•RON! If you mix sweetness, cuteness and a bit of mischief... you will get Tanaka Mako! Nickname Makoron, I'm Tanaka Mako.)


  • Favorite Books: Hard to be a God, The Inhabited Island, Trix, Harry Potter series
  • Favorite 48/46G Songs: Sekai ni wa ai shika nai, Bokutachi wa tatakawanai, Hadashi de summer, Gomen ne Summer, Kamonegix
  • Favorite Flower: Acacia dealbata
  • Favorite AKB0048 Chara: Sono Chieri
  • Favorite Ghibli Movie: Howl's Moving Castle
  • 48/46G Oshimen: Muto Tomu
  • LUV Oshimen: Taniguchi Reina
  • Likes: Sushi, toffees, watermelon, cosplay, chemistry, the Alien movie franchise
  • Dislikes: Onions, hot and humid weather
  • Close to Mizuki, Reipon, & Juu.
  • She and Taniguchi Reina are the Swiss Duo.
  • Can watch Sleepy Hollow countless times even though she says it's not that great of a movie.
  • Has weak eyes against the sun & needs sunglasses
  • Like Yokoyama Jurina, she got to know AKB through AKB0048.
  • Was apart of the SweetS fandom before joining the AKB fandom.
  • Sings in Japanese, English, German and Russian on her own Youtube channel.
  • Catchphrase and Nickname were created by Sakurahime Mizuki.
  • Places 4th place for MC-skills, 6th place for Kami7, 4th for most leader-like in LUV's MaruMaru Senbatsu.
  • Don't talk to her while she's watching Terra e or reading Chrono Crusade and Please save my Earth as she is crying her eyes out.

LUV48 Senbatsu Elections

LUV48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

KenkyūchūTeam U
Joined LUV48 as a part time Kenkyuchu in 2015
Transferred to Team U in July, 2016.

Singles Participation

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Other Singles

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Albums Participation

LUV48 Albums

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Unit name (if any)

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TanakaMako 2016
Member Name (2016)

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