Yokoyama Jurina (横山珠理奈)
Juu-P (ジューP)
YokoyamaJurina 2016
Birth Info
Birthdate April 24, 1997
Current Age 20
Professional Info
Agency Spring Mountain Entertainment
Social Networks TBA
Idol Career Info
Group LUV48
Team Team L
Debuted July 5, 2014

Yokoyama Jurina is the captain and leader of LUV48's Team L as well as the General Manager (Soukantoku) of the LUV groups.


Atashi no shinsetsu ga ura wo motte. Hontou ni YANKII na seikaku! LUV48 no RIIDAA to CHIIMU L KYAPUTAN, Yokoyama Jurina desu! Nee, anta, watashi wo yasashiku shite yo ne?
(My kindness has also got another side as well. Truthfully, I've got a yankee personality! LUV48's leader & Team L Captain, I'm Yokoyama Jurina! Hey, you, you'll treat me well, right?)


  • Favorite Color: Lavender
  • 48/46G Oshimen: Matsui Jurina
  • Favorite Manga: Kitchen Princess
  • Favorite Anime: AKB0048 as it’s the only one she’s ever finished
  • Created LUV48 after failing auditions for another group
  • Shipped with Soumi Haruka and called HaruJuu
  • Claims that she is a generally boring person and has no fun facts about herself
  • Tied 1st for LUV48’s 2015 Foolish Queen test, making her and Kikuchi Ruka tied for the dumbest LUV48 member
  • Enjoys eating large amounts of sushi, buffalo wings, and subs

LUV48 Senbatsu Elections

  • Senbatsu position

LUV48 Janken Tournaments

Solo Singles

# Cover Title Release date

Team History

Team L
Created LUV48 on August 3, 2013
Joined and became captain of Team L on July 5, 2014

Singles Participation

LUV48 A-Sides

  • Sakura no Hanabiratachi (Hajimemashou!)
  • Skirt, Hirari (Hajimemashou!) (WCenter with Yagami Arisa)
  • Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru (Ikimashou!)
  • UZA
  • Bukiyou Taiyou
  • Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo (Center)
  • 10nen Zakura

LUV48 B-Sides

  • Dear My Teacher (Hajimemashou!)
  • Aozora no Soba ni Ite (Hajimemashou!) (WCenter with Yagami Arisa)
  • Dakedo... (Ikimashou!)
  • Virgin Love (Ikimashou!)
  • Kibouteki Refrain (UZA)
  • Gingham Check (Bukiyou Taiyou)
  • Hikaeme I love you! (Bukiyou Taiyou)
  • Haste to Waste (Center)

Other Singles

  • Namida Surprise!
  • Yoyaku Shita Christmas
  • Yatta! (2nd Anniversary Single) (2x Center)
  • Sailor Zombie

Albums Participation

LUV48 Albums

  • Coming soon


MIRЯOR (Kagami)

  • A Dialogue with a Walnut

Stage Units

Hoshi no Ondo

Solo Songs

  • Coming soon


YokoyamaJurina 2015
Yokoyama Jurina (2015)
YokoyamaJurina 2014
Yokoyama Jurina (2014)

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